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to get votes for mitt romney. tonight, former labor secretary robert reich on the revolt of the plutocrats. >> i'll tell you, you've got a great boss, he runs a great operation. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. mitt romney is the candidate who will say whatever it takes to win. the race is tightening, but romney still needs to win over women voters. romney offered this moderate position when asked by a local iowa reporter if he will pursue any legislation specifically regarding abortion. >> there's no legislation with regards to abortion that i'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda. >> that statement is at odds with romney's entire campaign. his running mate and his party platform. president obama called romney on it during an interview with abc news. >> this is another example of governor romney hiding positions he's been campaigning on for a year and a half. >> does he lie? >> no, i actually think his position on, when it comes to women's rights to control their own health care decisions, you know, what he has been saying i
" and former labor secretary, robert reich. steve, certain democrats and news personalities rip their hair out last week following the debate, as you know. the latest polling shows mixed results. the pew poll has romney up by four. gallup's daily tracking has the president up by five. what does that mean? >> yeah, first of all, you know, you always take one poll in isolation or even two can be problematic. the best thing always on these is to look there's a few sites that do polling averages, real clear politics, "huffington post," they average all the different polls and put them together. if you want to look at these two right now, they might kind of both be true and it's because of this. the gallup one measures seven days. it's still got a number of predebate days there when oen was ahead. it's got the immediate post debate when romney seems to have pulled even or taken the lead in the two or three days immediately after. >> immediately after. >> what gallup also showed apparently in the last day that's included in the seven days, there was ho movement back towards obama. there was an end t
reich, ex embajador republicanosin embargo. creo qu posible que repita el fracaso de tuvo el presidente obama en el debate de denver hace 2 semanas, cuando sin duda el gobernador romney le gano porque el presidente obama no tenia respuestas. 1 declaracion de hillary clinton podria salir a discusion. hillary clinton, secretaria de estado "yo tomo la responsabilidad. estoy a cargo del departamento de estado." la secretaria de estado se referia a si el gobierno sabia o no si el ataque al consulado en libia en septiembre fue obra de al qaeda. 1 ex asesor del gobierno dice que ha sido utilizado politicamente. dan restrepo, asesor campana de obama creo que esto se esta distorsionando mucho por razones de 1 juego politico por parte de la campana de mitt romney, lo que ocurrio es que esta administracion ha dicho lo que sabia en el momento que lo sabia, en cada paso de este proceso. los republicanos critican la falta de liderazgo internacion al del presidente. otto reich, ex embajador republicanoestamos viendo como politica exterior del presidente obama se esta desmoronando porque no le han pues
and an msnbc contributor. thank you both for being here tonight. >> thank you, reverend. >> senator reich, let me start with you. you've been writing an article about how skewed is. is the word getting out to voters? >> undoubtedly, the voters are getting a sense that romney is not on their side. it's not just the policies and tax plan that gives the rich a huge benefit, at the same time cutting most of the programs that are for the poor and middle class and medicare, medicaid, and so forth. but it's also side remarks. for example, the videotape of romney saying he doesn't care about or he's not worried about 47% of americans who are pampered and who are not taking responsibility for themselves. it's romney himself. i think in the debates romney has two big problems that he's got to try to overcome. one is mathematics. he's got to show what loophole he's going to close. the second is authenticity. he's got to show that authentically he's someone that cares about average working people. he hasn't done both. he's losing ground because of both problems. >> when you look at the new gallup poll, be
moving america forward. >> joining me now are former ohio governor ted strickland and robert reich a professor at university of california, berkeley. >> governor, i want to read so we can remember what he said. if general motors, ford and chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the automatic motive industry good-bye. it won't go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed. without that bailout, detroit will need to drastically restructure itself. does anyone in ohio think that mitt romney's nonplan for the auto industry would have the industry where it is today? >> there may be one or two. but most ohioans understand what this president has done for ohio and michigan and indiana and many other states where this industry is so vitally important. he rightly should be embarrassed. not necessarily for the position he took. that was his position. but to try to, as the president said, air brush history, rewrite what actually happened, to take credit for something that he drastically opposed, strongly opposed, is just unseemly. but
to the romney campaign. also, robert reich, former labor secretary in the clinton administration, economist and professor of public policy at the university of california at berkeley. secretary rice, let me start with you on the terror front and the obama administration. do you buy david axelrod saying that president obama labeled it terror the next day? >> well, it didn't sound from that context as if he labeled it as terrorism the next day, anderson. but it does seem credible to me that the white house is sharing with the public what it knows when it knows. it's very difficult to get good information immediately and as this issue becomes clearer, i think the white house has made a credible effort to tell the americans what it, in fact, knows about it. >> ari fleischer, what about that? david axelrod is also saying look, an investigation, you have to be prudent, you're president of the united states, you can't jump to conclusions. >> i have a fair amount of sympathy. i stood on that podium at the white house in the case of attacks on our country. you have to wait until you have all the fac
on sunday and mighty school for the first part of next week feeling reich november. >> thanks, veronica. >> years of futility, folks, va come to an end in the >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought you to by xfinity. >> it was a history-making game but also a strange afternoon. manager had to get treatment during the game for numbness in his leg. then there's slugger michael morris. in the fourth inning, zimmerman has had a tremendous time but this wz the cherry on top. home run number 25 of the season. >> and tho's how it would stand. the nationals wrap up the season with a 98-64 record. they will begin play on sunday in either atlanta or st. louis. >> when the division was a goal and now we've done that and we have a chance to go in the playoffs. this was a great team, a good group of guys. we've flish accomplished a lot. >> we've had an opportunity to get some big draft picks. >> the nats better enjoy it while it lasts. teddy receiving a pair of yellow, underarmor cleats. the fake gnattic takes down george tom and leads a wide open path for our buddy for the first time
and paul ryan need to get more specific on loopholes as we know them to get elected. robert reich served as secretary as labor, mark mckinnon advised the clinton campaign. chris christie is a well-known romney surrogate. i remember when he was running for governor of new jersey and a lot of people thought there's no way he can win. i'm not going to tell you what i'm going to cut. i'm going the get the list, get in office and do it. he won and "the new york times" wrote voters embraced mr. christie, though he offered no detail on how he would fix the state's chronic financial problems. and appealed to voters hungry for change. can this strategy work for mitt romney when it comes to his tax plan? >> well, first of all, as the cofounder of no labels, i like the idea of bringing the congress together and to negotiate bringing these solutions together with the president involved. now, that said, there are realities. i think bold solutions are required. now, i'm not an economist and having me talk about tax policy is like having paris hilton explain quantum physics, but -- >> that's rather agg
seria util con venezuela. otto reich, ex-embajador en venezuela creo que romney haria mucho mas para apoyar a los sectores democratas en venezuela y para provener la intervencion politica y militar de chavez en la region." buenas tardes, comenzamos la semana laboral con un dia feriado... el dia del descubrimiento, columbus day... actualmente tenemos lloviznas en el area metropolitana con una temperatura de 53 grados y viento ligero... las condiciones a nivel regional estan muy similares con cielos mayormente nublados y abundante precipitacion en algunos sectores de la region metropolitana... esta noche tenemos una probabilidad de lluvias de 100% con abundante neblina el llamado es para quienes se desplazan en sus automoviles y bicicletas que lo hagan con mucha precaucion... maÑana martes esperamos un dia mayormente nublado con abundante neblina y una leve probabilidad de lluvias en horas de la noche... los dejo con el pronostico extendido... buenas noticias... temperaturas que se tornan estables y cielos mayormente soleados a partir del miercoles... se anuncia nuevas maquinas de ref
latina que la qe obama tenia al iniciar su mandato, y eso seria util con venezuela. otto reich, ex-embajador en venezuela creo que romney haria mucho mas para apoyar a los sectores democratas en venezuela y para provener la intervencion politica y militar de chavez en la region." standup: fernando pizarro, washington d.c. en su discurso, mitt romney indico que el presidente no ha firmado ningun tratado nuevo de libre comercio, algo que portavoces de la administrac ion dicen no es efectivo. el congreso ratifico el tratado de libre comercio bajo la administracion obama, aunque el tratado se acordo durante la administracion anterior. desde washington, fernando pizarro, univision. por primera vez en los estados unidos un lÍder sindical de origen latino tiene un monumento nacional, inaugurado por el presidente barack obama. hablamos de la casa de cÉsar chÁvez, defensor de los derechos laborales y fundador del sindicato de trabajadores agrÍcolas. antonio valverde con el informe. comenzamos la semana laboral con un dia feriado... el dia del descubrimiento, columbus day... actualmente
visit. 7000 police deployed, water cannon on standby. it read her note to the fourth reich. we challenged this woman as to how she could portray her as hitler. because, she said, what is imposed on greece is like a naughty scheme. the vast majority were not anti german but anti austerity. >> look at what is happening here, what the measures are bringing. >> she was given full military honors of the airport. and on her way into the city, her convoy was jeered. with the doctors and nurses trying to block the street. >> she is here to show support for the greek people but on the streets, there is huge restoration. in just five years, this economy has shrunk 23%. just a short distance from where she was meeting, protesters attacked the barricades. for two hours, there were running battles with the police, volleys of tear gas being fired. the greek prime minister if he believed that the visit marked the end of greece's international isolation. >> everybody that the on greece collapsing will lose the bet. greeks are proud people. they deliver support for greece to stand. handoff and
. the streets are starting to get high -- reich a high tide again and we have two hours to go. >> we're seeing pictures of maryland. exactly the same scene. your husband is the mayor of ocean city. how nervous is he today, michelle? >> he was nervous. he was out and about making sure people that could get out at times were out. they were still evacuating people that wanted to leave. he was down there helping, doing that. a lot of businesses, too, helping boarding up that didn't have the proper stand-by for things locked up so he was out there doing that. very worried. this is a storm of a lifetime for us and we're just hoping and praying that everyone, you know, stays inside, takes notice not to go outside and beware of the next 12 hours are really important to ocean city, new jersey. >> ok. of course, more to come overnight, michelle, as those winds pick up. joining us from atlantic city -- ocean city. thank you very much. well, here in the nation's capital, the big affect from this storm. earlier today i went to the emergency office in washington, d.c.'s mayor, vincent gray, to hear about hi
to live with and when you really want to do is smoking cigarettes and have a drink. the reich righteousness i think carries him without life and he makes no apologies for ret but he's also a singled out because of it and certainly on many of the biographies that have been published. ultimately i mentioned earlier that he was the superintendent of west point and others deal with the freedman's bureau. the first one actually articulated at west point. here is from frederick douglass in which he writes to how word in 1880 that he appreciates the sentiment and support for having blacks go to west point but later in the letter he sort of digresses into a very bitter set of paragraphs talking about christians aren't necessarily the best people in the world to be criticizing anybody else for how widely the treat their brothers. later in life he's writing addresses and as an example of that i just played out on that we have here for women in the great conflict. so, he is running and writing about what the role of the women was during the civil war and nursing the wounded providing tho
the scene of of steve jobs and the reich phone. iphone. that is an example of two different kinds of minds working together. >> the singularity summit continues through tomorrow at the masonic center on nob hill. >> flight cancellations are coming to american airlines and could affect travelers who already purchased tickets. airline will cut 31 flights aday in the first half of november. airline says it's an attempt to recover from bankruptcy. >>> the peninsula humane society is hoping to find homes for dozens of cats by waiving dozens of fees. they have close to 80 kittens and cat as valuable. the shelter will waive it's normal $80 fee. each cat is spade or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. >>> a pet food company is recalling dog treats that could be could be contaminated with salmonella. the company officials say no pet or human illnesses have been reported, but they suggest that pet owners monitor themselves and their dog for any sipes of salmonella and seek medical care if those symptoms appear. >>> almost 50 residents turned out for a first of its kind fire drill in marin count
south near the hillsdale exit looked reich a parking lot today. some cars even made u-turns on the freeway, heading against traffic, to try to get out of the jam. the cause of the backup a shooting on 101 that ended in a car crash just after 3:30 this afternoon. >> a red 2009 dodge charger, southbound 101 and somewhere between highway 92 and san matteau an the holly street exit here in san carlos another vehicle came alongside and began to shoot at the charger. >> reporter: police say the driver of the dodge charger drove off the side of the road crashing in to a fence and they found the two men and women inside. all three were take on the the hospital. police are not releasing nuch information on the victims but they said investigators have been sent to speak to them. >> right now we have the charger with multiple bullet holes in it and injured occupants. we don't know much more than that at this time. we don't know fit was an exchange of gun fire. we don't know if it was only directed at the charger. we're trying to piece it together. >> the crime scene stretched mor
. robert reich is here with us tonight. also with us grover norquist. the man behind the no new taxes pledge so many republicans made. and bob lutz a former top auto executive. the auto bailout expected to be a big topic tonight. and we've got president of the aflcio. unions of course a major constituency. and roger altman. as you can see the lineup card is full. going to be great. >> absolutely. meantime our chief washington correspondent john harwood has made the trip to denver. what are you watching first tonight? >> what i'm watching for is how mitt romney takes advantage of this huge opportunity that he's got with tens of millions of americans watching these two side by side. he's behind in the polls, but not by an overwhelming margin. three points in our nbc/wall street journal poll. i talked to devine who was the campaign strategist for al gore. when gore lost the election, in the debates he said here's what's mitt romney's got to do. he's got to figure a line of attack that at the same time makes president obama looks bad, makes him look good, and press that through the entire
we come to the came, we use metro. >> it is often reich this at the end? >> absolutely. >> i don't have to get anywhere right away. so it's okay. it kind of helps me get over what happened in there. >> reporter: now, today's game should let out the tail end of rush hour. today, the game should not be letting out until after 7:00 so there should be a the bit of relief there. metro is reminding passengers, if they want to avoid some of the lines, make sure you write this down, that you can use the new jersey avenue entrance to the green line or walk less than a mile north of here to the capital south station. just a few tips. they also say if you are coming down to the game today, make sure you have your metro fare prepaid. that way you don't have to wait in two lines. >> thank you very much. >>> high drama and heart break in game three last night between the orioles and yankees. the os led 2-1 in the ninth when raul ibanez pinch hit for a-rod and hit a home run. he then hit the winning run in the 12th. >>> more worries about the meningitis outbreak. up next, another case in our ar
here, ali. i hope you don't mind. >> please. i imagine i'll tune in. it should be good. bob reich, former labor secretary of the united states. >> coming up we're going to dig into governor romney's plan and give his side a chance to clear some things up. that's next on "your money." [music] see life in the best light. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. 100% new. 100% mmm... wow, that is mmm... it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. >>> i'm riding the cnn election express this week on our battleground bus tour. undecided voters i've been talking to here in florida want details. we just went through the president's economic plan. now it's governor romney's turn. he has a five-point plan for the economy and he says he'll create a whopping 12 million jobs in four years. i have said before, i will say it again, that's a ridiculous pledge and i'll wear a dress for a week if it
strategist, alex sword, former labor secretary robert reich and melissa harris perry. until then follow me on twitter. "now" with alex wagner comes your way next. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter too? what? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking sauces you combine with fresh ingredients to make amazing home-cooked meals. ♪ ambiance [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. your head-start to home cooked. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it help
be a huge savings if the plan was fully funded but we don't want to lose any money. >> she's reich. nothing is guaranteed, unfortunately. it's only as -- the guarantee is only as strong as the institution that's backing this which in this case is more than likely a state or an educational institution. they work a little different with pre-paid tuition. you are pre-paying tuition, putting that money aside at today's rates for an in-state public education. however, that 529 savings plan, you are investing that money in the stock market. are you choosing different funds that are available. so there are different risks there. we know that's not guaranteed either. thinking about the switch, number one, look at any penalties or costs associated with that switch or rollover, and then you want to look at your risk profile. those pre-paid plans could be a little better for the conservative saver here while the 529 could be better if you're willing to take on more risk. you'll also get more flexibility and control and the potential for a higher return. >> all right. jean chatzky, sharon epperson, cou
reich. >> that the conditions which led to the election of barack obama, who he portrays as uniquely unqualified to be president of the united states, are similar to the conditions which led to the rise of hitler in germany, a discontented populace, tough economic conditions, and so forth. but, you know, i think the way that i understand this mystery, that the people at the very top of america, who are doing phenomenally well. mitt romney is right, his class -- it's something that warren buffett -- i love the warren buffett likes to say. yes, there is a class war in america, and my class is winning, so that's true. so why are these guys who are winning so mad? i think there are a couple of reasons. the first is i think we tend to overlook how isolated they are from everybody else. they really just don't see. that amount of money means you live, especially in this globalized economy, in a completely different universe, and, you know, in this sort of dress down age, in this very sort of culturally democratic age, i think we sometimes overlook really how big that gap is and, you know, o
was involved in that campaign in 2002. i was the press secretary for robert reich, the former u.s. labor secretary, also unsuccessfully running for governor. we get to watch mitt up close. it was very interesting. in massachusetts, the republicans that succeed are moderates, they're rockefeller republicans. that's who mitt romney pitched himself to be during that time. he was emphatic in -- we were hammering him of fg of course. don't believe him. he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> you were right. >> interestingly, for the first year of his administration, we were wrong. he really was sort of hughing a moderate path. was going all out on climate change. when he decided that it would be more fun to run for president of the united states than be governor of massachusetts, he turned on a dime and we have mitt 2.0. >> who has the -- >> i love this story. for me, that is precisely the angst that i think ought to drive concerns about this man as president. on the one hand, there's disagreement. but in a democracy, you're going to sometimes disagree with the person who is your president even w
want th -- one world thing? read the rise and fall of the third reich and you will see this guy is paralleling everything that hitler did. a special army and so on. host: thanks for the call. i do want to clear up one thing. the president has not talked about his father, but his grandfather did serve in world war ii and his speech is available on our website, c- guest: i think it goes to show the polarization in this country that we thought might go away upon barack obama's election. this country was heavily divided during the george w. bush years. the partisanship still exists today, both sides. ohio is an example of where getting out the vote will be an interesting barometer for both sides. in 2010, republicans swept every state. less than 12 months ago we had a referendum on senate bill 5, highly controversial, where governor kasich ltd. unions' right to collectively bargain. the state went to vote on that. a 51% ohioans voted to repeal it. this state swings and its wings quickly. but partisanship -- this will be a ground game of who can get out the vote. independen
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 55 (some duplicates have been removed)